Hacienda de San José Cocoyoc


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Hacienda de San José Cocoyoc - Haciendas/Hoteles
Hacienda de San José Cocoyoc

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A tour of one of the most colonial Plantation, must be done, enjoying its gardens,its beatiful Restaurant and the two Golf courses, that are considered one of the best of the Country.

Fun facts

Maintains its luxuriant vegetation, as notable as, when the first Ambassadors wife of Spain , sent by his Goverment to Mexico, visited and was mostly impressed with the property and pinpointed the motto located in one of the arches that reads “This is the entrance to America’s Paradise”.


Dirección: Carretera Federal Cuernavaca- Cuautla Km 32.5, Cocoyoc Centro, 62736 Yautepec, Teléfono: 01 735 356 2211

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