Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca


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Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca - Haciendas/Hoteles
Hacienda de San Jacinto Ixtoluca

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To walk among this georgous facilities of this non a Mill Hacienda, since it was devoted to refining the Ore extracted from the mountain range of Huatla, beeing silver mainly.

Fun facts

Most of the former hacienda is now in ruins, but several of their old spaces are still standing, among them a broad enclosure already homeless, that is crossed by large acueduct arches of water where they grow the most impressive amates in the country, which are a real beauty.


Dirección: Domicilio conocido dentro de la Comunidad La Mezquitera, C.P. 62980, Tlaquiltenango, Morelos. Teléfonos: (734) 349-8462 Camino a la sierra de Huautla, S/N, ejido La Mezquite

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