Hacienda San Antonio el Puente


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Hacienda San Antonio el Puente - Haciendas/Hoteles
Hacienda San Antonio el Puente

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To get to know this beatiful facilities, that holds today Fiesta Americana Hotel chain , with their banquet halls,its swiming pool and their succulent Restaurant.

Fun facts

This Hacienda or state is surrounded by important old bridges, the reason of his name, and keeps all the charmimg of and ol Hacienda,considered one of the best kept of the country.Their beatiful swiming pools were in the past honey sunken tanks.As the hacienda de San José Vista Hermosa, San Antonio El Puente, was also awarded for their quality by the Paris International Exposition, which was held in 1889, where they got several mention honors thanks to its sugar production. At the end of the century with the introduction of modern machinery that allowed production to achieve more than a thousand tons of sugar and three thousand hundred honey and also because that San Jose stopped the production of sugar cane, to produce alcohol from cane, which was obtained mostly directly from the juice of cane.


Dirección: Calle Reforma Número 14, Colonia, Real del Puente, Municipio de Xochitepec, Teléfono 01 55 5207 3642

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