Temple of San Juan Bautista, Yecapixtla

Conventos Siglo XVI

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Temple of San Juan Bautista, Yecapixtla - Conventos Siglo XVI
Temple of San Juan Bautista, Yecapixtla

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To get to know this convent dedicated to John The Baptist , that presents among other attractives two solar watches, at the church patio , the one from the left points with the shadow from seven in the morning to twelve midnite and the one from the right side from one to six in the afternoo

Fun facts

A fact unprecedented, March 7 2014, as part of the recent restorations that they were held in the former convent of John the Baptist, was discovered in a painted image (a cool) of blood Yecapitzoac of the God of merchants Yacatecutli, located in the upper part of the canvas of one of the main halls of th0e ChurchThis painting dates back to the 16th century and it's the only convent of the route of the ex-conventos of the State of Morelos that has this type of images.


Dirección: No. Reelección No. 17, Colonia Centro, Yecapixtla, C.P.62820, Tel: 01 ( 731 ) 357 20 65

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